The vision of DarusSalam Foundation is to preserve, implement, and disseminate Islamic knowledge and to prepare our future leaders.


10-day-I'itikaf Registration

Isha Salah will start at 10:20 PM

Tafsir: 10pm nightly tafsir, 20 mins before Isha Azan
Hadith: Morning hadith after Fajr Salah
Maghrib Iqamah will be 10 mins after Iftar time begins

Sadaqatul Fitr

Sadaqatul Fitr $6.00 per person mimimum must be paid for each family member before Eid Salah.

1a) Wheat: Half Sa' (3.75 lbs) = $6.00 per person
1b) Wheat: One Sa' (7.5 lbs) = $12.00 per person
2) Barley: One Sa' (7.5 lbs) = $12.00 per person
3) Raisins: One Sa' (7.5 lbs) = $23.00 per person
4) Dates: One Sa' (7.5 lbs) = $32.00 per person

Calculated June 12, 2015

Daily Salah Time

1st Adhan2nd Adhan
Jum'uah1:00 PM1:30 PM


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